Welcome to Life with Lane!

I’ve been wanting to have my website and blog for quite awhile and I decided today was the day to get it going. I was tired of procrastinating and I wanted to put things in motion. Sometimes when things scare me I hold off on doing them. But today I just went for it. I am still learning how to navigate my site but as soon as I  learn everything my page will be fire!

The purpose of my sight is to navigate you through my life through words, pictures, and food! The trials, tribulations, and triumphs I face as a single black woman trying to make it in America today! All of my ups, downs, adventures and failures.

How I feel when I apply for jobs that I know I am qualified for but do not get call backs. How I struggle to get my work published that I work on for months and wait patiently for callbacks and letters.  What it feels like to work at a job I don’t really like but I do what is necessary to pay my bills.

How I hustle my way to the top! I hope you will enjoy my journey!


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