Confidence At Its Finest!


I recently went to a Taylor Swift concert. Yes, I went to a Taylor Swift concert. Although I am not a fan I will say she put on a pretty good show and she really engaged with the audience. Of course she did what every artist does and said how we were the best crowd by far and that this was her favorite place to visit, but it was a really good show. She also talked about her sexual assault case. The speech was very moving and I was very proud of her.

One of the things that I like about Taylor Swift is the fact that, although is constantly ridiculed, mocked, and talked about, she remains true to herself! I applaud her because this is something I think is very hard to do. Especially in the world that we live in today. It’s hard to be you who you are when you have people constantly watching you through a microscope.

When she was walking on that stage you would have thought she was on a runway. See walked with so much confidence and she strutted like she was the world’s greatest super model. She owned that stage and it was fabulous.

As I said earlier, I have never really been a Taylor Swift fan but I have always said she’s talented. This girl can play the piano, she plays the guitar, and she writes her own lyrics. If I had a child and she said she wanted to be Taylor Swift, that is something I could be proud of. Of course, I would want my child to say they want to be like me 🙂

In addition to Taylor being incredibly talented, smart, and being able to play instruments she is someone you can look up to. Someone young girls can look up to.

Even if she isn’t as confident as she seems to be, she walks with confidence. She walks with her head held high. She’s never afraid to speak up. She is confidence at its finest. And the most beautiful thing a person can ever wear is confidence!

For that alone I have more respect for this talented young woman! In a world where having the perfect body, having surgery, lip fillers, and a small waist is done to become famous, Taylor Swift is making her mark with pure talent!


3 thoughts on “Confidence At Its Finest!

  1. Cousin I love your writing!!! Hey I’m a guy and I love tay tay man lol she’s amazing and you both exude a confidence like no other! Loved it and you!


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