Beautiful Places I Saw in Paris

Life with Lane: Beautiful Places I Visited in Paris

You may be tired of reading blogs about my trip to Europe but as of this date it was the best vacation of my life. To be in a place that I had dreamed about going since I was a teenager was a dream come true. To see places up close and personal that I had saw in books and on the internet was quite simply unbelievable. 

One of the first places that I visited when I was in Europe was Notre Dame. It was absolutely beautiful. I was seeing it in person. I didn’t just take pictures of the outside, I went in and took pictures. I saw The iconic stained glass windows. 

Notre Dame March 2019

The Notre Dame Cathedral was constructed like 700 or 800 years ago. Artifacts from when Jesus walked the earth are inside of there. I was standing inside of history. It was beautiful. The crazy thing is, not even a week after I left Europe;;? the Notre Dame Cathedral burned. I got there right in time.

Next, I visited the Louvre Museum. I honestly have to say I didn’t know much about it before I got there and I didn’t know the Mona Lisa was there until maybe a month before. The Louvre was absolutely massive. I’m not really in a lover of Art I only wanted to see the Mona Lisa. Although there is so much beautiful incredible spectacular art, artifacts collections, monuments, and everything inside of there; I mostly wanted to see the Mona Lisa.

Lourve Museum
There she is! It was very small

There was a crowd around the Mona Lisa and the painting wasn’t very big. It was also inside of a glass case and you had to take a picture of it inside of the glass case. As I said it was very small and wasn’t as spectacular as I expected. However, to see it in person was just something I can’t describe.

The next day I saw the Eiffel Tower. I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful. It was enormous. Like a big ball of light. I was in complete aww. Nothing prepared me for how big it really was in real life.  When you see it on movies, it looks big but of course it looks big on movies. I felt like I was dreaming the entire time I was there. As I said, almost my entire life I’ve wanted to travel to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower and finally I made it. It was surreal. 

The Eiffel Tower

When I was eating dinner and I looked out of the window, I thought to myself, “This can’t be real life. I’m in Paris, France and I’m having dinner at the Eiffel Tower. Thank you, God!” 

Right before I got my food!
Dinner at the Eiffel Tower!

This isn’t a place but I saw white asparagus and I was like what in the world? It was everywhere in Paris and I was fascinated everytime I saw it, lol! Of course I had to try it and I wasn’t disappointed. It was delicious.

One more beautiful place I saw in Paris was Jardin du Luxembourg. I can’t find all of my pictures , so I had to add a collage of pictures from other things. It was so beautiful. The grass was to green and the buildings were nice. The park was filled with people and their dogs. It was really great.

Luxembourg is the bottom right!

Thanks for reading my blog and going on my adventure with me through Paris. There’s tons of other great things to see there but these were my favorite! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Follow me on Instagram and sign up for my YouTube Channel, more videos are coming

This has nothing to do with Paris, lol!

15 thoughts on “Beautiful Places I Saw in Paris

  1. Isn’t it funny how in Paris…..they (the waiter) could give you a ‘crumb’ on the plate they place in front of you – yet, they could and would make it the most beautiful ‘crumb’ there is that you’ve ever seen in your life, perhaps with an extra few ‘crumbs’ to make the plate look like your next Instagram shot. Then after all that…after you ate that one ‘crumb’ and the other ‘pieces of crumb’ surrounding the plate…then the bill arrives 76 Euros! Ahh…Vivre la France! 🙂


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