8 Tips For a Short Road Trip

Life with Lane: 8 Tips for a Short Road Trip

Every year we travel home for a few days for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. So, I thought I would share some of my traveling tips.

  1. Pack a few days early so you don’t forget anything. When you pack at the last minute you’re bound to forget something.
  2. Use Google maps for directions even if you know where you’re going. Google maps will let you know of any delays, accidents, or road blocks and direct you in a different route to get there quicker.
  3. Have some sort of plan or itinerary so you don’t waste your time or miss out on something you wanted to do.
  4. Make a budget. How much you need you will need for food, gas, etc. Also if something unexpected comes up like a flat tire, tire blows out, or an all change.
  5. Have a small amount of cash just in case some place doesn’t accept debit or credit cards or if the power goes off and they can only accept cash.
  6. Get gas when the tank is at a 1/2 or quarter tank just in case of delays on the road and you get stuck in traffic.
  7. Bring bottled water for you and your pets.
  8. Have fun!!!

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