An imprint on my heart


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Its Christmas Eve……thank you for stopping by my blog! I know you could be doing other things, so thank you very much! Come on in……..

My Dusty and I 😍

This will be my second Christmas without my sweet Dusty. He’s my motivation for writing this blog. My God I loved that sweet little fluffy dog. Words can’t do justice of how much he meant the me and how much I loved him. However, im going to try!

He had such an impact on my life. He made an imprint on my heart that will never go away. I truly believe before he left Onyx and I, he breathed some of his ways into Onyx so I wouldn’t forget him. Not that I ever would but I do believe he did.


Things Onyx never did before Dusty died he does them now. Things that only Dusty did. Its very heartwarming. I would write them but I’m gettin teary-eyed 😢

Dogs are good for the soul. Dusty made me a better person. He taught me patience. He taught me forgiveness. Most importantly he taught me unconditional love. That little dog left an amazing imprint on my heart!

If you’ve never owned a dog. I highly suggest getting one. They’re alot of work, they’re going to eventually break your heart, but they are 100% worth it! They make you a better person. They make you happier. Having something love you more than it loves itself does something to your soul. I think it makes God happy to when you have a dog………

Thank you for reading my blog! Like, comment, subscribe! Please feel free to contact me for collaborations or sponsorships. Serious inquiries only Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and don’t forget about your neighbor! #onelove

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