Reasons I Smiled this Week, 69th Edition!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? Thanks for stopping by my blog, come on in…….

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Welcome to my weekly edition of reasons I smiled! I’ve been gone for a few weeks but im back. I hope everyone is well! Thank you for coming back to me, lol! This has been a very good week for me; very productive and full of happiness 😊

My friend Jennifer and I!

I went to St. Augustine to celebrate my friend Jenn’s birthday with her. She loves going there and that’s where she wanted to celebrate. Its such a great place. Very historic and lots to explore. Not to mention the weather is always nice.

Foundation of Youth!
Foundation of Youth!

My goddaughter Cadance is the cutest one year old on the planet! She’s a happy, sweet kid and she absolutely loves me! That’s the most important part, lol! She says cheese whenever she has her picture taken. She’s the best!

My Cadance 😍
Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine

I went to happy hour at Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine! I haven’t been there in a while. So, it was great to be back. Food was delicious as always but the company was even better!

I planned my birthday celebration! Yes, I planned my own birthday, lol! I don’t like depending on other people and I know if I plan it, it will be exactly what I want! Im pretty excited, lol! Only one more month…..

Thank you for reading my blog! Like, comment, subscribe! What made you smile this week? Please feel free to contact me for collaborations or sponsorships. Serious inquiries only Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. #onelove

Life with Lane

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