Its Scorpio Season!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Tuesday! Im like a week late, but its Scorpio Season, hooray! Where are my fellow Scorpios? Thank you for stopping by my blog! Come on in…….

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

You know, when I read characteristics of Scorpios, its like I wrote them myself, lol! It’s funny how accurate the descriptions are. Here we are all thinking we’re unique and then you realize people with the same signs are just like you, lol! Of course all Scorpios aren’t exactly alike. My sister Danielle and I are both Scorpios but we’re so different it’s hilarious, lol!

However, we are alot alike and we get along very well. I mean now we do, if I were writing my blog when I was a child, that would be a different story. My niece LaCorrey and my nephew Dallas are also Scorpios. We’re oddly similar but different. We are all weird in that fantastic way, lol!

We’re all incredibly intelligent, not really people persons but we can be, we love movies, quoting movies, and we’re family oriented! To us Family is EVERYTHING!

So, lookout, its Scorpio Season! The most intelligent and complex of the zodiac signs. Although we have mostly the same characteristics, you’ll never understand us. You’ll never get over on us, so please don’t try. Our intelligence won’t allow it. If you have one of us in your life, consider it a blessing. Our loyalty is one of our very best traits.

For your convenience, I have added some information to help you understand us, you’re welcome 😊!


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