3 years ago today 🥺

My sweet Dusty ♥

3 years ago today, at 9:15am, my Dusty took his last breath 😢

My Dusty Rhodes Lane

Words cannot describe how I felt the day my dog died. It was such a heartbreaking experience and I will forever be heartbroken. To know that I would never be able to cuddle with my dog, to never see his little face looking through the window, and to know that I would never see his smile. I was completely shattered, absolutely devastated. I was definitely inconsolable.

Anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting my Dusty, knew he was such a happy dog and he was always smiling. I mean literally if you look in a dictionary and saw the word happy it would just be a picture of my dog.

I have never in my entire life seen a dog small that much and just be that happy all the time. He made me know I was doing a good job at being his parent because he was always happy. He was literally happiness in the form of a ball of fur. I was obsessed with taking pictures of him!

A ball of beautiful fur and happiness ❤

I know I often talked about Onyx and it’s not because I loved him more than Dusty; it was because he was my first born. This pup right here, my Dusty, he really and truly loved me. He showed me what unconditional love really was. He was just pure love. I thank God for blessing me the the 2 greatest pups EVER! My heart was filled with so much love for them. I miss them everyday.

I know they’ll never be another pup like them. Thank you Dusty for loving me and making me a better person. If the smile on your face was an indication of my parenting skills, I would happily give myself an A!


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