10 year anniversary!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was, well, I made it, lol! I hope yours was filled with love, family, friends, and blessings! Thanks for stopping my blog, come on in……..

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Before I start this blog, I want to say rest in peace to my sweet uncle DeWitt Hooks! He was one of the sweetest, kindest, humans I had ever known. Since I was a child, he had always been one of my favorites. He was always so happy and always in such a good mood. I didn’t get to see him much in the last few years because I live here in Orlando. However, whenever anyone talked about him, they always said kind words about him. I know he’s in Heaven!

Yesterday was the 10 year anniversary of my best friend Heather passing 🥺. I can’t believe it’s been tears years already. I wanted to write yesterday but I didn’t want to share the blog with Father’s Day and Juneteenth!

I still remember the moment I found out she passed. I cried so hard. I honestly didn’t know I could cry that much. I thought I was going to pass out. After that day I didn’t think I was capable of crying anymore. I didn’t even know one person had that many tears inside of them.

For those of you that don’t know, Heather passed away from Breast Cancer. Actually, she had a mastectomy. She went into remission. A few years later, her Cancer came back, spread to her lungs, then her brain, and she died! She was only 35 years. She was one of my favorite humans on this entire planet! She was one of the best people I’ve ever known. I miss her all the time.

If you looked at her during the time she was sick, you’d never know she was sick. She was stunning the whole the time! Absolutely beautiful. I wish I had taken more pictures of her. She always look camera ready.

She never complained. She never wanted to talk about her problems. She never asked why she was the one that got sick. She just prayed and kept it moving. I wish I could be like that. She was such a beautiful soul. I hope she knew how much I love, adored, and admired her. How much I still do! May she continue to rest in Peace.


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