Being a woman in America!


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Sometimes when you try to tell people (I mean men) that it’s heard being a woman, they don’t understand. They think we have it easy. Why? I have no idea. We are often treated as second class citizens.  Alot of men want us to be seen and not heard. We don’t get equal pay. When we go out, we have to out in groups, why? So, we don’t get snatched up by a man and potentially raped or kidnapped.

Let me elaborate on that, if we go for a run or a bike ride; we usually feel the need to tell a loved one where we’re going. Just in case we’re not back in 30 minutes or less that loved one knows to look for us. It’s complete insanity. When a man approaches us and we turn him down, there’s always a possibility of a retaliation. The fragile male ego is one of the most dangerous things on the planet!

We get dragged for things that men get passes for. The singer Normani was dragged for being in Chris Brown’s video. As we all know, he brutally beat Rihanna about 10 years ago. So, anyone that supports him, usually does. However, he’s collaborated with several male artist. Non of them got dragged. He recently worked with Usher, Justin Bieber, and Drake. Where is the backlash for them?

Let a woman have a child by more than one man and they’ll say she’s for the streets.  Nick Cannon has 8 children and 4 on the way. These kids are by 6 different women and no one is barely talking about it. No one is dragging him. Why? Because he’s a man!

Oh, and let’s not forget what just happened with the Supreme Court overturning Roe vs Wade. We can’t even make decisions about our own bodies! Like, what kind of world are we living in where a complete stranger can make decisions about my body? This is complete insanity……….

A few months ago, there was a question going around what it means to be a woman. I mean when has that question ever been asked for men? What laws are there out there for men that control their bodies? When have men ever had to wait for anything? Just in case you’re wondering, I’m furious……………

Supreme Court, you should be ashamed of yourself. People that support this overturning of Roe vs. Wade should be ashamed of yourself. Another human should never have control of other person’s body, PERIOD! Its hard being a woman in America. Its hard being a woman period!

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