Women I admire Wednesday: Melissa Mancuso

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, hooray! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world. Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in……….

On this women I admire Wednesday, im highlighting my friend Melissa Mancuso! I absolutely love her last night, lol! That’s what I call her actually; such an awesome last name. Anyway, I’m highlighting her on this Wednesday because she’s been through pretty much everything and she’s still standing tall. Well, not that tall because she’s only like 5’3, lol!

My friend Melissa Mancuso 💕

I met this amazing woman back in 2009 when I was serving at Ale House. Not sure how our conversation started but I know we started hanging out almost immediately. She was always smiling but she had this “Don’t mess with me” look to her. I knew we’d get along great, lol! The great thing about Mancuso is how incredible intelligent she is! I’ve always thought she was one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. I remember her always talking about how she wanted to be an engineer. It was either an engineering or an architect.

In my humble opinion, you have to be kinda smart to be one of those. I could be wrong but im just sayin. No matter what she set her heart out to do, she’s done it. She’s currently in school for engineering. I remember when she lived here in Orlando, she’d apply for a job, even if she wasn’t necessarily qualified, she’d still get the job. Her intelligence and her ability to talk to talk to talk to people opened so many doors for her. Smarts and intelligence will do that for you! I admire that about her. She’s a woman to be admired. men

Did I mention she had a child at an early age? Not that early but kind of early, I think she was 17 or 18. She never really got any support from her daughter’s father. She raised her daughter pretty much all of her own. She still stayed in school. She worked and took care of her daughter. I do believe she went to college but it didn’t stick that time. However, she’s sticking there this time around!

She’s an animal lover! Of course she’s a supporter of women’s rights, women’s right to choose! She believes children should be taught the true history of America. She believes in human rights! She’s a wonderful person and I admire her! We’ve had our ups and downs but I’m blessed to call her my friend!

Happy Women I admire Wednesday ❤

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