Quotes about getting older!


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So, I’ll be 42 years old in 6 days! You guys I’ll be 42 years old in less than a week! This year flew by, omg! I can’t believe how fast it went by, but I must say I’m glad because this year hasn’t been very kind to me! However, I did make the best of it! That’s really all we can do, really!

It makes no sense to complain because no one cares. It’s not that they don’t mean to, it’s just that everyone has their own problems. So, we have to make the best of our situations. Well, and we can pray. It never hurts to pray🙏🏽. Prayer has never let me down.

Since it’s my birthday month, I thought it would hit you guys with some quotes about getting older. I found some really good ones that I wanted to share with you guys! Getting older is rough but it’s an amazing blessing, a true gift from God!

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