Protect your peace!


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Life with Lane
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I am a person that’s always believed in second chances. People make mistakes, it’s part of being human. You have to give a person a chance to redeem themselves. However, there’s only so many chances you can give someone. After awhile you’ll look like a fool if you keep letting someone keep doing you a certain way over and over again. Actually, that is called insanity.

We have to realize that people don’t change and we have to protect our peace. Sometimes you have to put people out of our lives, no matter who they are!

I had a friend that always wanted to be around me because she knew I was always happy. However, everytime she was with me, she was drinking. Which, I don’t mind but she was a mean when she was drinking. She turned into a monster. Sad thing is, anytime I saw her, she was drinking. She would say hurtful mean things to me. She would turn against me and the next day she would apologize.

I would forgive her and blame it on the alcohol but she knew what she was doing because she apologized for her behavior. I cut ties with her almost a year ago and I haven’t looked back. I had to protect my peace. I didn’t feel safe around her; especially after the last time I was around her. Sometimes you just have to cut people off, no matter who they are and no matter how much you love them! Protect your peace. Especially after what just happened to Shanquella Robinson!


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