Do, vitamins work?

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So, I started taking vitamins years ago and I had issues with them 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️. I would get sick to my stomach every single time and so I would stop taking them. I have low iron so I know I needed to take an iron supplement. I would try to take them and I would get nauseous every time. So, I gave up. Did anyone else have this issue?

So, I tried a few years later and I had the same issue. I was like, why is this my life? I like donating blood and you can’t donate blood with low iron. On the rare occasion my iron would be okay and I’d be able to donate. So, I tried taking multivitamins, the gummy kinds. Guess what? I didn’t feel sick. However, I didn’t feel different, as in I felt just like I felt when I didn’t take them. So, I thought to myself, do vitamins work?

About a year ago I started taking fish oil pills. They’re for body aches and muscles I believe. About three weeks later, I could feel the difference in my body. My back and leg pain was much better after only 3 weeks. I can actually say the fish oil pills worked for me. Have you guys tried those? Have you taken vitamins for iron or low energy? If so, what do you take and do they work?

Im a very active person, I work out, I drink water, and I take vitamins. What else can I do to get more energy? Or am I just screwed? Lol

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