First day of Spring!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! It’s not just any Monday, it’s the first day of Spring! I absolutely love Spring. It’s my 2nd favorite season after Fall. To be honest they’re really a tie, lol! Well, almost. Fall, has an edge because my birthday is in November! Thanks for stopping by my blog, come on in……..

Hello Spring! Such a beautiful time of the year. I absolutely love it 😀. I live in Florida, and we don’t get much of a season change here but I still love the little changes ❤. It’s the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot and it’s so beautiful, omg! I can’t wait to do my post about that. I didn’t get to go last year, so I’m super excited about going this year. So, you guys get ready for all of my fun Spring post! Hooray. Spring is here!

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