Hello Spring Break!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Spring Break to my babies in Alabama! No, I don’t one, lol! I’m not in high school or college. I’m an actual adult and I don’t get a week off to go to the beach or do whatever, lol! Well, without working for a company for a year or two. That’s another blog in itself. Having to work a company for 365 days just to get 5 days off paid šŸ¤¦šŸ½ā€ā™€ļøšŸ¤·šŸ¾ā€ā™€ļø Anyway, happy Spring Break!

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It’s the time of year the kids get a break from school to relax after working non stop. It’s much deserved after waking up early day after day and doing school work and homework everyday. When I was when school I couldn’t wait for Spring Break. School was terrible, lol! Waking up a 530am everyday and taking like an hour to get to school. Classes were like an hour and a half each. Recess was only like 15 minutes and lunch was only 30 minutes.

I tell you what, that week wasn’t long enough. Education is super important, might be the most important thing in life because it sets the ground work for the pathway to Life! However, I don’t think people realize how long children are actually in school šŸ˜³. Giving them weekends off and a week like every 4 or 5 months isn’t enough!

So, please allow kids to have as much fun as they can during Spring Break! You were kids once. You remember how rough going to school was. This is coming from a woman that loved learning. The definition of a nerd. I’m a literal bookworm and it was rough!

Sleeping in, eating sugar, staying up late, watching scary movies, eating popcorn, going to the beach, the museum, zoo, parks, just doing nothing is Fantastic for Spring Break! Just not being at school, having to wake up early, hooray!

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