My Passion “Things that Matter”

Lend a helping hand!

I have so many things in life that I am passionate about. However, helping people is on the top of my list. In life, we always search for the meaning and what our purpose on the planet is and I believe mine is to help people. I am not sure how I am going to help people but I know that is what I am going to do! What greater joy is there in life than helping someone!


Writing sets my soul on fire!

I am passionate about writing. I have been writing since I was a child. Writing gives me life! I eat, sleep, and breathe writing. It is my true passion. It try to read every single day and If I don’t write I make sure that I read something. I honestly think my love for books made me a writer. I have such a creative mind and writing also me to express and share my creativity! One of my goals is to be a travel writer. Travel all over the world and write about my experiences. My favorite writers are Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown!

Equal Rights for Everyone!!

In the world we live in today is seems like having equal rights is almost impossible! I don’t believe in different rights for specific group of people. For example separate rights for gay, transgender, women, immigrants, etc. I wish for everyone to be treated with the same dignity and respect! Equal Rights! America is the greatest nation in the world and everyone needs to be treated with respect, kindness, and dignity. There would be not need for protest for certain groups of people if everyone was treated like human beings; like they mattered! Everyone matters!

I love animals! Let’s find a cure together!

I am an animal lover. I do not use products that are tested on animals. I also don’t wear fur. I haven’t converted to being a vegetarian but I hope to be one when I get older. I want to be involved in some way with finding a cure for HIV, AIDS, and cancer. My best friend died of breast cancer almost 6 years ago. It was one of the most devastating experiences of my life! She was only 35 years old. I wear my breast cancer awareness bracelet almost everyday. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her!