Reasons I Smiled this Week, 95th edition!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? I hope it was filled with sunshine, love, happiness, peace, and family! Welcome to my weekly edition of reasons I smiled, come on in………… Hi there friends, happy Saturday! I won’t keep you long today because I’m not feeling well 😪. I haven’t been feeling well since Tuesday. However, I still found reasons to smile … Continue reading Reasons I Smiled this Week, 95th edition!

Its Halloween Eve……..

Hi there friends, Happy Halloween Eve! Only one more day before Halloween, hooray! Also, just one more day of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to show support for that. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come on in……….. Halloween is tomorrow, yay! Obviously I’m excited because I love it. Haven’t you noticed? Lol. My friend Napoleon was like have you been to a comic … Continue reading Its Halloween Eve……..