The Adventures of Eddie 2 Bags



Created by: Arnetta L Lane

Illustrated by: Silver Hooks

I also love children. My passion for writing and my love for children inspired me to write children’s books. I figured I would combine my two passions and boom children’s books it is! I created a character named Eddie 2 Bags!  I am trying to launch him but I have a lot of work to do! Sometimes my creative mind is all over the place and its hard for me to focus on just one idea. I think Eddie is a great idea but I just need to get him together more!

Eddie 2 Bags: The Adventures of Eddie 2 Bags.

The concept of Eddie:

Eddie is a turtle; happy turtle that was always on the go. And Eddie always had two bags. That is why his name is Eddie Two bags. He knew if he had his bags with him, he would always be prepared. Eddie liked the travel and explore new things and exploring meant he needed tools. Having tools requires what? Yes, a bag! A bag that was filled with all kinds of tools. Hammers, nails, saws, arrows, spears, bows, screws, bolts, and

Eddie’s shell was his secret compartment. Not only could he hide in it during danger, he could take it off when he needed to run really fast or use it as a shield. He could do whatever he imagined with his shell. He hid his favorite and neatest tools inside there (of it). That was what was special about Eddie.

The only time Eddie was ever sad was when he thought about his parents. His parents had been captured by humans when he was a little turtle. He would dream about rescuing them all the time. He would fight off the human that took them using his magic shell and bring his parents back home with him.