Sometimes its good to cry, part 2!

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Life with Lane
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I truly believe crying is good for the soul and I don’t think I do it enough. In all fairness I can’t really cry because it physically hurts me. What do I mean by this? Crying physically hurts me because of my issue with migraines. So, often when friends are telling me something traumatic and I’m just looking at them without emotion, they usually think I’m a psychopath, lol!

I don’t try to not have emotions but when you have terrible migraines the way I do, somehow you manage your emotions different. Something has to be really traumatic for me to cry! I mean it has to really be worth potentially suffering a migraine.

With that being said, I cried like a baby the other night and it felt good to cry. I don’t get to do it often and I felt so much better afterwards. Then I watched a video my auntie posted on Facebook and I laughed so hard, all was well very fast! Good thing, when I cried, my head didn’t hurt too bad and I didn’t get a migraine. I will say, I’m not looking forward to crying again, lol!

I said this in my last blog about crying, crying is probably one of the best ways to show emotion. Why? It doesn’t hurt anyone. Maybe if you’re in front of someone that cares for you but physically it doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s the safest way to show emotion. Once its over, you usually feel better. Crying is good for the soul!


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